Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pot lights and a bucket o' glass

Short post this evening - we have made some progress since the beam was removed a couple of weekends ago.  The City Inspector came gave their approval yesterday which means we can continue to finish the main floor.  The potlights are now up (this is the view from outside the kitchen) in both the front room/tv room and dining room which is in the back.  

We did finish off the shower in the main floor bathroom last weekend and were hoping to get the glass door installed but unfortunately there was a mishap.....

and this is now what is left of the shower door:

My heart sank when I saw the door in thousands of pieces but unfortunately there is nothing that we can do and now I have new door that should be going in this weekend...cross fingers.....when i look at this glass it reminds of the Consumer probe skit/Bag O'Glass skit with Dan Akroyd...maybe we could package this up like Mainway Inc, and sell it to kids so that they can learn about light refraction and

 So that's it for this week, we are getting the beam boxed in and hope to start the hardwood next weekend #civilizedlivingaroundthecorner.

Have a great weekend!!

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