Sunday, February 24, 2013

A post of the post

Happy Sunday!  So the beam when up last night which means that we are that much closer to finishing our downstairs.

Here is the beam in our driveway Friday (was too cold to go outside and snap a pic) which is 600 lbs, 19 feet, 12 inches deep and 6 inches wide.  Derik claims that it was lighter to lift than our bathtub that he removed a couple of weeks ago. I know, not a very exciting pic...

And here it is up supporting our entire 2nd floor and the roof
It's funny, we get so excited when we finish a project (we even went out last night to celebrate) but the excitement quickly wanes and we get ancy to tackle the next project (like this morning). It may be another month before we actually start laying down the hardwood, I know bummer, right? Next we need to have the city inspector come in to ok our permit, wire both rooms with about 12 pot lights, box in the beam with drywall, get it taped and mudded and then we will be able to start putting down our new floors.

During this time we will also be finishing the main floor washroom which has now been tiled and grouted. We found a vanity and sink yesterday which we will be picking up today, woot! The reason I am excited is that the vanity needs to be no more than 20" wide which is extremely small for a vanity as they are typically 24" or larger. We have to get creative and are going with a cabinet and then installing a vessel sink on top, crossing our fingers that it will work out.

Well, that's it from 224 Sanford, enjoy the weekend and Oscars this evening!

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