Monday, February 18, 2013

Guest bathroom

Unfortunately, since our contractor is about 2 weeks late in removing our load bearing wall  we decided to tackle the main floor bathroom.  To give you an idea of size it's 9 by 5 feet.  This used to be the only bathroom in the house until they added the second floor and there are houses in our neighborhood who still have this model house.  We are lucky we have a bathroom upstairs....that remodeling picture/project, well maybe later this year. Right now we are focusing on our main floor b-room.  Now because right now we only have 2 full bathrooms, removing the shower would be bold.  We decided to remove the tub and build a shower....turned out that the tun was made of cast iron and woohoo that took a sledgehammer to take apart, it was so unbelievably heavy!  Here was the before when we first had our walk through of the house:

and when the demo began it was a little like this:

How am I ever going to find a small mirror to fit this small space!

notice the tub on jack?  We had no idea it was made of cast Iron which meant it was a good 300lbs plus. Jacking it up we thought we could create some sort of leverage to haul it way, that thing wasn't moving.  Well, after a few minutes on YouTube, it taught us that a sledgehammer is the only way to go.  3 hours later the tub was in pieces and we were able to cart it way....

So the tub was removed and started to build our shower......and now tiling has been completed on the walls. Flooring and the shower installation should happen this week.

Unfortunately, we have both been fighting a cold and bathroom construction had to end early today so that we could rest up. We have been loading up on garlic and Viatmin C and hopefully will be in full force tomorrow...back to work tomorrow so no choice I guess right? ;-)

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