Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our piece de resistance

Today was/is the day we have been waiting for for a lonnnng time, the removal of the load bearing wall that devides(d) our future dining room and tv room.  For the past 2 months we have jammed our sofas in the kitchen with our 50" tv propped on our counter which is needless to say getting a little tired.  We can't wait to move back to the Living Room and live like civilized people.  But that could still be a month away but today was very exciting, by bye load bearing wall and hello, open concept!

This is the before

before looking in from entrance

this was last week just down to the studs, this let in so much more light than before as the back of our house is south facing, oh wall you are such a tease.....

Ok, it's still pretty much Crazytown but we are so pumped, we are now that much closer to laying the hardwood which you can see on the floor to the left and painting and putting in baseboards and crown moulding and, and and.....the guys are still downstairs working on the posts on either side of the beam, so hopefully will be back tomorrow with more pics that don't include scaffolding!!

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