Monday, April 1, 2013

Main floor progress

Happy Easter Monday from 224 Sanford! It's so nice to get a long weekend.  We took today off instead of Friday as it was month end on Friday and in sales it's very hard to take that day off from work.  That is pretty much when ALL the business that you have been working on for that quarter comes in. So we decided to roll the day off over to today. It's definitely nice to start the week knowing that it's shorter.

My last post was a little pre-emptive as I completely skipped over the installation of the hardwood.

 The below picture on the left is a little dark because it might have been later in the day as we had set out all of the hardwood the (Friday) night before to help make installation move by quickly on Saturday.  The idea was that we could grab planks as they were installed. And again by we, I mean Derik as I head out to have a dress fitting for a wedding and head to upstate NY to pick up some furniture pieces we had shipped to the local UPS.

When I had come back by noon progress was moving along nicely.

Once the floor went down we were able to start moving furniture in....for some reason right now I only had a picture of the rug, no furniture. We were pretty ecstatic to have new flooring that wasn't covered in drywall dust, sawdust and plaster.  It was 60 year old hardwood that probably had never been maintained so it was very worn and tired. We are very happy with the results and getting new hardwood and not saving what was there, well worth it! I'll get some pictures later today of the room with furniture.

 This weekend, we also started the main floor bathroom, we fell a little behind as plumbing took a little longer than expected. Here is the radiant flooring going down.
 Not sure if I have already mentioned but our house was built circa 1950, so some of the walls and floors tend to be a little crooked.  To correct and level the flooring in the bathroom (had to do this in the laundry room which is adjacent to this bathroom) we had to put self-leveling cement to correct about a 1 inch discrepancy from one side of the bathroom to other.
Today's agenda includes tiling the bathroom floor and hopefully get a few more furniture pieces.  I'll also get pics of our new living room!!

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