Sunday, April 7, 2013

A few steps closer....

Happy Sunday!!  Here are the pics as promised of the living room,  we actually got our dining room delivered today but I guess I had taken this shot before it arrived.

Right now, that back wall where the tv is sitting is looking pretty bare, but our plans for this Fall is to create built-ins, with a fireplace.  Would love something like this:

or something like this:

As I was writing how I didn't have a pic of the dining room, Derik took one for me :-)  Here you go!  

The table was custom made out of barn board from a small town outside of Ottawa.  It was made by the same lady who made the bench that is sitting behind the sofa in the first pic above.  It is so great to have furniture that is one of a kind and custom for what we want and like, we love this table, it ahs so much character.  We also ended up buying a ceiling light for the dining room today. As they didn't have any in stock, we will need to wait about 2-3 weeks for that to arrive. I have ordered curtains from Etsy for the dining room that have yet to arrive.  They are similar to these, if not, these ones.

Here is a shot from the living room:

Unfortunately, the painting of the main floor is delayed because the bathroom door we ordered is taking about 4 weeks longer to arrive. womp womp.  That's ok as it frees up time to do more shopping :-)  Left on the list, is a mirror to go on the console in the entrance, an ottoman for the living room to replace the existing coffee table, a mirror and sconces the main floor bathroom. Not much more to get now for the main floor, it's so great to mark things off a list!!

Well have a great rest of your week!!

***It just came to my attention that in the first pic, the actor is taking a swig out of a flask.  I had no idea, and wasn't really paying attention as I was taking the pic.  Without having to go through the process of a more "family friendly" pic, I thought I would mention that it we had been watching the movie Warrior this morning.  It was really good actually, pretty entertaining. Definitely recommend it :-)

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  1. Marla & word...WOW!

    I didn't notice the guy taking a swig...I was caught up in your decorating.

    can't wait to see it. Love you. Mom