Monday, March 23, 2015

We didn't forget about you.....

We have just been enjoying not inhaling dust 24x7 and getting out of our house and enjoying our neighborhood. That said, that is a little more difficult to do this time of year when it's -26 outside, but having completed the majority of the house last Fall we have been taking advantage of weekends and free time. But wow, do we have a lot of catching up to do! Let's start with the Living Room/Dining Room shall we? I do need to track down more pics of the "original" Sanford so we can do a cross reference but I do have some pics posted in earlier posts on this blog, in particular this one which was the  First Sanford Project post

A view looking into our Living Room, We switched up the furniture and got rid of the clunky stuff that was there before to make it a little more formal, to create more seating options and have furniture that well, fit the size of the room :-) We picked up the Sofa and the arm Chair from a Canadian furniture store EQ3, they have a great selection, good prices, comfy and en trend pieces. Ok, and I know the carpet is all scrunched up, will fix that right after this post. I am honestly afraid that if I stop typing, I will never come back to finish. Need. to. keep. typing.

Here is our view into the dining room, as you can see we invested in some art to jazz up the space, curtains that I purchased from this store on Etsy and a "fun" chandelier.

I like how leather gives a more masculine feel to a room and I fell in love instantly when I saw them at Maison Corbeil in Montreal Speaking of masculine, I am sure that you can tell that those white mohair cushions in the background don't fall into that category ;-) And yes, that is a book on the floor that I moved to take out of the shot of the entire room, forgot it was there when I was taking this shot I guess. 
Speaking of cushions, I love this sparkly one I picked up at Home Sense. Very festive for the winter but being that we are a few days into Spring, time I switch that out right?!
A close-up of our built-ins and my little fishermen in their Nor-Easters. We were able to score those leftover pieces of marble for either side of the built-ins for 300$ from a local stone reseller. Score!

Ok, so there you have it, Living and Dining Room update complete.  I can't promise anything but there could be an update on our basement, upstairs and exterior coming soon as well! Happy Monday!

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