Saturday, March 28, 2015

More of the main floor....

Happy Saturday! I don't know about you but why is it that on weekdays I can barely pull myself out of bed at 7 and probably capable of sleeping in until 9 but then the weekend rolls around and I am up at the crack of dawn. Its 8am right now and have already been up for 2 hours. I have already watched back to back episodes Timber Kings. I decided I had watched enough of watching log home construction in the BC interior and after a quick caffeine fix I decided to to spend time on this blog.

I want to share bit of a side by side comparison of shots that were taken when we originally walked through the house, during the renos and post reno. Here is a view of the main entrance looking into the foyer and kitchen from the dining room/living room area.

As you can probably tell by the faux fur cushion and the blanket on top of our basket, I love faux fur pretty much anything :-) I love adding texture to a room, it makes it seem a little more cozier. And here is a shot below from somewhat the same place, maybe a few steps back. That wall straight ahead is no longer there along with pretty much everything else. Hmmm, speaking of faux...

For vanity reasons here is a shot of my Ghost chair which I coveted for a very long time. I need to give it a shout out. I knew it would fit somewhere in the house but I couldn't decide where I would put it. I realize one day that the space next to our front door needed a spot where you could sit down and put on/take your shoes. It's nice because it also doesn't seem like it's taking up space either. It was a great find at Structube. We also fell in love when we saw this art by Sara Caracristi that we found at a local gallery. I love the perceptive that she takes with her art but also how it feels playful and not too serious. And speaking of faux fur, I also like real fur.... a lot.  I know it's not for everyone but hey it keeps me nice and toasty on the minus 26-35 days. I picked up these seal boots on a recent trip back to Newfoundland and they are uber comfortable, incredibly warm and the bonus feature? No salt stains...that goes a long way in my books. Nothing worse than pouring vinegar on shoes to remove salt stains and then you smell like fish and chips rest of the day.
Ok, I digress. Back to the matters at hand. Here is a shot from the living room looking into the foyer and kitchen.
Same shot from same location. There was a wall AND kitchen that we had removed.
Another angle from the same spot. Our cat manages to get in most of the shots but I guess it's not hard when you are as large as she is :-)

Ok, so I thought this post would be on the shorter side today but I rambled a bit.  Hope you enjoyed!  We will back soon again with more. Not quite sure with yet but maybe the exterior...see you soon!


  1. Marla, the ghost-chair and that painting. Where's the artist from? Love your writing.

  2. @CoachPhyllis thank you! She is from New Brunswick. Here is a link to her biography and view more of her work: