Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Out with Old and in with the New!

As I have already mentioned, we have a fixer-upper.  I have included the layouts below so you can have an idea of what we have to work with today and how we envision the main floor space.

Here is the current layout of the main floor of the home:

As you can see, the house is pretty disjointed and the rooms don't really flow and honestly
each time I've been in the house I have gotten a headache because it feels like you are in a maze.
Once we move in we will demo the existing kitchen and move it to the far right room in the house.

Here is the proposed layout:

This layout now opens up the main floor by taking down a lot of the walls and that yellow dash that is somewhat in front of the stairs to the left (I hope will be gone) so it opens it up even more!! We will also include main floor laundry which will also double as a mud room. ill be nice not to have to run all the way upstairs and then down to the basement to do laundry anymore :-)

As the kitchen will be the first to go in, we have already picked out cabinets and countertops. For the tiles we will be going with travertine but not decided on the color as of yet, should we stay lighter or go with more of a darker chocolatey tone. 

We have decided to go with the Templeton Maple Cappucino cabinets from KitchenCraft:

As the house is south facing and lots of big windows and plans to put in A LOT of pot lights in the kitchen we aren't worries about it being too dark.  I think dark cabinets add a nice richness to a kitchen.

As for the countertops we have decided to go with Kashmir White Granite. We had originally looked at a browner granite but I really wanted to get away from the brown on brown on brown look which you typically get from the floor/cabinets/counter...ugh.

You can see little bits of cranberry coloured specks in the granite which turned me off at the beginning but against the dark cabinets it really works together well.  We are now waiting on quotes from several local suppliers. (Well, I actually contacted 14 local reputable stone suppliers, so whoever can give us the best offering we are now just waiting!)

Here is a shot (not sure if it's Kashmir White) with darker cabinets.

For the flooring we will go with a travertine tile and the options are either a light or darker color which we plan to do 12x16 or 24.

The crema (the bottom) seems a lot lighter than in the store but we do have more time to make that decision.  The great thing about the darker color is that it doesn't pick up as much first as the lighter, but this is one decision that we have some more time to take.  Stay tuned!

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