Saturday, August 11, 2012

We bought a fixer-upper!! And wow that's a understatement.  Looking for a "project" and to see if we can "flip" a house,  we endeavored and enlisted our real estate/friend to help us find a house that we could (cross fingers) flip.  We located the Sanford House and immediately loved the neighborhood (well we will need to live there for at least 2 years so it needs to be somewhat liveable as he took us to some dodgy spots).  The lot is quite large for it being close to the Rideau River and downtown with a pretty impressive 60 x 100 lot size and a smokin good deal.  With some TLC (a grocery list of maybe 40-50 items of TLC) and lots of weekends spent at Rona/Home Depot/Lowe's we hope to make this "fixer-upper" a great/fun/stressful experience.

Here it is

Some items that we will tackle
-tearing down existing kitchen and building a new one in another part of the house
-renoing all bathrooms
-building a master ensuite in an existing bedroom
- removing cat/dog/smoke smell from house
-tearing down walls and creating a more open concept
- finishing the basement
-adding a fireplace
-new flooring throughout
-new deck out back
-creating a main level laundry
-replacing most windows

you get the point....and the list could go on but here are a few more pics of the beauty.....

this is the front room on the main floor when you come in.  There is a big bow window and we look to tear down the wall where I am standing to connect with room behind it along with wall that you see that is begind that standing lamp

one of the 4 bedrooms upstairs that has a lot of junk in it but still a good size, maybe 10 x 11 feet and nice light coming in

this is a bedroom in the basement that we look to convert to a tv room

the room of our future kitchen, this will be our first project.  we have already selected cabinets and have started the design of the room

 The one bathroom upstairs that seriously needs work but is a good size

This is the cuurent kitchen that will be gutted which will be replaced by a laundry room

So there it is, more to come of course but lokking forward to the project that will unfold for us!!!

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