Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kitchen Progress?

We have definitely been making strides with our kitchen in the past week, with multiple trips to Home Depot/Rona and Lowe's to source materials.  We have also been really heavily on online shopping as well.  Being close to the NY border it makes it easy to drive and pick up items without having to pay the hefty international shipping fees.

We have now started picking out faucets and we seem to be leaning towards one like this:

We definitely don't want to go cheap here as we will be using this thing A LOT and the the last thing we want is for it to break or just be completely flimsy.  we are still on the hunt for one of these bad boys.  I just love the way they look!

We would also love to have a pot filler next to the stove but as the stove will be against the exterior wall (as you remember from our layout :-) code does not permit us to have pipes running through an exterior wall....bummer. 

Determined to have a pot filler, we thought, why dont we have it in the counter and have it run through the cabinet?  This way we don't have to worry about freezing pipes and looks like we can do that so we are totally pumped.  It will probably be used twice a year but love the aesthetics of pot fillers, just seems like such a nice addition to a kitchen.  Here is the one that we found from Danze

Love this thing!  Definitely will be nice to have to fill up a pot at the sink and jiggle it all the way back to the stove with water sloshing around everywhere and around anyone else in the kitchen. It will definitely make cooking a lot easier.

We also bought a new front loading washer and dryer yesterday (did I mention they are front loading?  - woot!).  They are now stored in the garage so pics can come later.

Happy with the progress we are making.  As we are leaving in less than a week and a half to go to Italy...another woot...we really need/have to get our ducks in a row for move-in.  This week e also look to purchase our range hood.  So far we are keeping our purchases under budget so that is definitely a nice relief when ho knows what kind of suprises can be creeping around the corners with renos.

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