Friday, August 17, 2012

New move-in date!

We close on our house on September 26th, less than 2 weeks from when we get back from our 2 week holiday in Italy, which should be challenging to see how fast we can finish packing and clean the house for the new home owners.  

We originally agreed to a close date on Sanford of November 2nd which would mean we would have to find a rental for at least 2 months as we planned to get the new kitchen in before we move-in.  Which would mean that we would move in at the end of November or beginning of December.  The homeowners came back a few days ago and requested to move the date up earlier so now we are looking at an October 10th date which we are waiting for them to confirm.  This would mean we could spend less time and money in a rental and move in earlier (i.e. not have to move in when snow is on the ground, and plenty of time to decorate for Christmas!).

Which means this weekend we need to get the ball rolling on finding cabinets, appliances, tiles, you name it.  We have a few ideas in to come!

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