Monday, August 27, 2012

Some new additions

We have continued to make additions/purchases to the kitchen so that once we are ready to go (i.e. cabinet and countertop installation) we will have all pieces sourced.  Since the last post we have purchased a 30" 16 gauge undermount sink.  The 16 guage means the thickness of the metal (our current one is 20 gauge) and the less likely it is to dent or make noise when dishes and pots bang around.  You can read more about what the guage number means here

We also decided to go with a single bowl instead of the double bowl.  First of all, most/all of our dishes go into the dishwasher right away and any larger pots and pans are then washed in the sink.  The problem is that in the double bowl scenario there is never enough room to jam the dish into sink and to get it under the faucet or get it completely soaked is next to impossible. We figure that it would be a lot easier cleaning pots and pans in a single than a double.  We also like the design of it too :-) 

We also picked up a range hood that is pictured below.  The company is Soreli and I haven't been able to locate their web site.  They are supossedly Canadian with operations based out of B.C. I haven't been able to find much more info on them.

Our design plan is to build a wall of tile right behind it (instead of cabinets) that would (hopefully) look something like this:

Of course our cabinets and backsplash aren't similar in color but the idea is the same, running the backsplash right up the wall to the ceiling.  It may cost a little more for the tile but it will definitely be worth it.  As we are selecting darker cabinets it will definitely help with keeping the kitchen looking bright and open.

Seems like we have a lot of the missing pieces taken care of - we will be taken bit of a break for a couple of weeks so it will be nice to get our mind off things and then it will be back into the tick of it!

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